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Frightening Video: Car Goes Flying Through the Air During Horrific Race Crash


"suffering from shock"

The 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France is one of the most grueling events in all of sports. It's also proving to be quite dangerous. This year has been no different.

Take, for example, Anthony Davidson. Davidson crashed today in extraordinary fashion. Business Insider explains:

Davidson, driving the Toyota TS030 Hybrid, is passing the much slower Ferrari 458 Italia. It appears the driver of the Ferrari just turns into the back of the Toyota as if he never saw him.

The Toyota soars like a plane and both cars end up upside down against the wall. The Ferrari driver walked away while Davidson was taken by ambulance.

Here's the video:

Toyota released a statement on Davidson's condition: "Doctors at the circuit have confirmed that Anthony is suffering from shock and back pain. However, there are no signs of any injuries and he is walking and talking with no problems."

Deadspin says the crash happened in hour five of the 24-hour race.

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