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Michael Steele co-creates political consulting firm that sounds sort of like a gay Super PAC


Democratic Strategist Lanny Davis and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele have teamed up to launch a political consulting firm. It's called Purple Nation Solutions and the goal is to get clients to approach politics in a more bipartisan way.

“We’re not saying ‘Kumbaya,’” Steele [told The Daily Beast]. “We’re not saying, can we all hold hands and sit around the campfire.” But he insists that “people have grown tired” of the daily demonization. “It’s boring. It’s not entertaining any more.”

In forming a lobbying, media, and consulting firm, Purple Nation Solutions, the two lawyers aren’t exactly merging their views into a centrist muddle. “I’m pro-choice, he’s not,” Davis says. “I’m for gun control, he’s not gun control. I’m in favor of increasing taxes--”

“And Lord knows I’m not,” Steele interjects.

It's not a bad idea. If only the firm didn't sound like the title of a new Prince album.

[The Daily Beast]

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