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FBI Terrorism Task Force Removes Explosive Device From Plano Home Following Texas Gas Pipe Bombing


"It sounds like fireworks, and then prolonged, agonized screaming."

UPDATE: The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Plano and Garland Bomb teams removed an explosive device from a Plano, Texas home either late Monday or early Tuesday after serving a search warrant at the residence of the man suspected of intentionally detonating a bomb near natural gas lines on Sunday night, WFAA reports.

A late-night explosion rocked the city of Plano, Texas on Sunday after police believe a man may have intentionally detonated an explosive device near some natural gas lines, WFAA in Dallas reports.

Plano police confirmed Monday that the bomb squad and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force had been involved in the ongoing investigation, though few other details were released.

Local emergency call centers were flooded Sunday night with reports of a loud explosion that was powerful enough to rattle windows in surrounding neighborhoods.

"If you were in the Army and threw a grenade, that's what it sounded like," neighbor Scott Percourt said about the blast.

Following the explosion, neighbors reportedly found a man, later determined to be the suspect, severely injured and got him medical care.

"We just hear this huge explosion," said Alex Russell, an area resident. "It sounds like fireworks, and then prolonged, agonized screaming." When he went to see what was going on, he found a man covered in blood.

The man originally claimed he was struck by a car, but police said his story didn't match his injuries.

The unidentified suspect was described by a neighbor as a Taiwanese man in his 20s, WFAA reports. However, he had no identification on his person and police have not been able determine his identity. Investigators are also clueless as to what the man's motive was or what type of explosive device was used.

He is still in critical condition but Police are hoping the man will recover enough so that they can ask him some questions and figure out exactly what happened.

Police issued a search warrant for a Plano residence and three people, including an elderly woman, were instructed to leave the home while law enforcement searched the premises. Investigators are searching for evidence that may connect someone to the explosion. Police haven't confirmed whether the search and explosion are related.

The home where a search warrant was executed was crawling with FBI agents and police officers while a bomb removal truck stayed parked out on the street, according to WFAA.

Plano police spokesman David Tilley said in a statement Monday that more information may be released on Tuesday.

Featured image on front page courtesy of WFAA.

This story has been updated with additional information.

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