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Beck's Recap: Willful Enslavement, the New Weimar Republic and...Mitchell on Wawa


In its most rudimentary form, the world "slavery" essentially means the subjugation of another human being, who is forced to do something he or she does not wish to do. Among the four key point discussed on his Tuesday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck tackled the various ways in which Americans, even today, are enslaved.

Beck pointed out four ways in which Americans enslave themselves, including being:

  • Slave to a master
  • Slave to debt
  • Slave to illiteracy
  • Slave to ignorance

Invoking the new Adidas sneaker adorned with bright orange "shackles" as a launchpad, Beck observed the irony that, with a $350 price tag, there are likely few who would purchase the trainer who could comfortably afford to. But perhaps that is why it is the most appropriate time to release such a shoe, given the nation's debt crisis -- for just as one can be a slave to the fields of a plantation, so, too, can everyday Americans be slaves to the banks to which we are indebted. And with personal debt levels at an all-time high, individuals are finding themselves forced into a myriad situations they'd rather not find themselves in.

With $16 trillion in debt and over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, Beck observed that America is headed over a financial cliff. Making an already dire situation worse is the fact that 43 percent of American households spend more than they earn each year and are spending over half-a-million dollars over the course of a lifetime on interest alone.

College loans and credit card debts are also at an all-time high.

With mounting financial burdens, American are also working harder than ever -- but while hard work in itself is an attribute, it has become a troubling state of affairs that more and more citizens are spending their entire lives laboring, without any relief or retirement in sight, just to whittle away debt that never seems to subside.

But debt isn't where the enslavement ends, according to Beck, and being a slave to a master is not restricted to arcane ideas of slave labor. In fact, he contends that the president's recent move on illegal immigration perfectly illustrates how making immigrants reliant on the Democratic party, rather than themselves, is a form of enslavement.

But ignorance, just like illiteracy, is another method by which the masses can be enslaved. African Americans during the era of slavery weren't allowed to learn how to read. The methodology was simple -- the more ignorant one was kept, the less access the slave had to knowledge that might help set him or her free. Today, U.S. schools are failing students at an alarming rate, despite the nation's hefty financial contributions to the educational system.

America now ranks 25th out of 34 civilized countries in math, 14th in reading, and 17th in science. To make matters worse, he explained how students of all ages are being taught to revile Capitalism. With President Obama's move to grant schools that could not meet federal standards waivers, the situation is only bound to intensify.

When people are ignorant of history, current events, and even the most rudimentary political affairs, they allow others the power of making decisions for them. A prime example being New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's food "mandates." When one needs the government to tell them how to eat, how is that not a form of enslavement, wondered Beck.

The sad part, for Beck, is that this slavery is self imposed and we are doing so willingly.


Hammer, sickle, swastika                                          

Beck then segued into how even mainstream media outlets like the New York Times are finally catching on that the Muslim Brotherhood is not the peaceful, secular group it has claimed to be as its plans to establish an Islamic caliphate have surfaced. Quoting an article in the Financial Times titled, "Back to the 1930s: the hammer, sickle and swastika" Beck reminded viewers that the Greek Nazi party recently garnered 7 percent of the seats in their country's parliament.

Also discussed was the violence that has erupted as a result of major political polarization between Greek extremists parties including Nazis, Communists (the latter of whom are considered intellectuals). At one point, the article states: "Unfortunately this episode was not isolated. Despite the narrow victory of a centrist party in Sunday's vote, almost every day extremist violence breaks out in Athens and beyond."

Beck noted that the situation in Greece frighteningly mirrors the Weimar Republic, where "violence, hate, rage, polarization, fear, despair and resignation" ruled the day.

Often, Beck has predicted that humanity all over the world is "about to go over a cliff" and that fascists, Nazis and communists will soon see a reemergence. He assured that he did not reiterate these truths to say "told you so," but rather to offer a viewers reassurance that they have been correct in the assessments they have made over the years. In short, it all boils back down to the four step plan, according to Beck -- empowering through committing, living, activating and creating.

Rich people, Wawa and Mitt Romney 

Beck also had strong words of criticism for NBC's Andrea Mitchell, who irreverently aired a clip of Mitt Romney that had been highly-edited to make him seem “out of touch,” with everyday Americans.

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In its proper context, Romney was merely explaining to a group of people why the private sector functions more effectively than the public sector. In the selectively edited video, Romney is featured discussing Wawa convenience stores in a manner that suggests he has never been to one before. The out of context narrative made it seem like the GOP nominee thought himself “too good” to patronize such a place. When she was presented with an opportunity to clarify and apologize, Mitchell refrained from doing so.

Beck used the segment to point out the blatant hypocrisy of what is commonly called "limousine liberals" when they mock someone of wealth for being out of touch when they, in fact, are also members of the"1%" and likely do not relate to those at poverty line in any greater capacity.

Also on the hot seat was Alan Greenspan, David Letterman and television host Jon Stewart, all of whom have mocked Romney's wealth while enjoying the spoils of Capitalism themselves. Beck offered viewers a peek at each of the high income earners' palatial estates as proof.

For full video and background, read this report by the Blaze's Mytheos Holt.

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