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How Much Do You Want the New Aston Martin 'Supercar'?


"If it's as nice to use as it looks, it could set the standard."

We can only hope the new Aston Martin will make it into the next James Bond flick -- or at least the one after "Skyfall" coming to theaters October 2012.

The recently unveiled AM 310 Vanquish -- a 6-liter V-12 engine vehicle -- can speed up from 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds and tops out at 183 mph. The Vanquish is a "super" grand tourer, according to Aston Martin, which essentially means it is designed for luxury, long-distance driving.

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According to the Globe and Mail, the car's whole body is made out of carbon fiber making it both strong and light-weight. AutoBlog has more analysis on the car's specifications:

The influence of the One-77 is apparent outside in the carbon-fiber bodied Vanquish's stretched lines and rear lights, and that's not a wing on the back, it's an "Aero Duct." Ahem.

However, it's the interior that cribs shamelessly from the halo car with the center console treatment of etched and LED-ringed inputs. If it's as nice to use as it looks, it could set the standard. The reshaped, twin-material steering wheel is also a nice touch. Other interior tweaks include a larger cabin and larger trunk (hallelujah) that can swallow 368 liters, which makes it more capacious than the boot of the Volkswagen Golf.

Underhood there's a 55-horsepower bump over the DBS, to 565 hp, assisted by an unchanged 420 pound-feet of torque.

Among the tech elements included in the car that have become more mainstream -- navigation system, iPhon docking, etc. -- it also features itself as Wi-Fi hub.

See -- and hear -- the Vanquish in this Aston Martin video:

Deliveries of the supercar will begin in 2013 for the starting price (yes, staring) of $279,995. As the Globe and Mail points out though, this is pocket change compared to Aston Martin's currently sold out $2 million V12 Zagato.

(H/T: SlashGear)

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