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They're Lying and They're Hiding it': Parents of Slain Border Agent Brian Terry Speak Out in Rare TV Interview


"But I'd say get their heads out of their butt anyway."

The parents of Brian Terry, the slain U.S. Border Patrol agent killed by one of the guns from operation "Fast and Furious," appeared on "Hannity" Thursday night in a Fox News exclusive. They made a desperate and emotional plea for justice for their fallen son.

Kent and Josephine Terry spoke out after President Obama earlier this week asserted executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents, seemingly setting up another roadblock on the path to the truth. They also announced the launch of "The Brian Terry Foundation" in honor of their hero son.

In a compelling and rare TV interview, the Terry family also described how they felt after they first found out their son was killed by a gun that was provided by the U.S. government to Mexican drug cartels, an absolutely life-altering event.

"I was very furious. I was very upset," Kent said. "(It's) like it's a bad dream, like I'm gonna wake up."

Josephine added she "didn't believe it" and there was a "fog" that clouded her mind during the days after learning of her son's demise.

The parents also revealed that Attorney General Eric Holder did not contact them before it was reported in the news that Brian Terry's death was related to Fast and Furious. Even then, they say he only sent a letter and never called.

"Has President Obama ever reached out to you?" Hannity asked.

"At the funeral. He called us. At the funeral home," Josephine said. "And we didn't know nothing about the gunrunning, Fast and Furious or nothing about that at that time."

They said the president did not reach out to them again after it became public that their son was killed as a result of a botched federal gun-walking operation.

"What would you like to say to the president and the attorney general of the United States?" Hannity pressed.

"I probably couldn't say it on camera, what I'd like to say to them," Kent replied bluntly. "But I'd say get their heads out of their butt anyway."

Both parents seemed to agree that Obama's untimely assertion of executive privilege, just hours before a scheduled contempt vote, makes it look as if they have something to hide.

"I think they're hiding something. I think they're lying and they're hiding it," Kent said. "Big time... I think something happened out there, worse than what we know. And my son wasn't even supposed to be out there that night."

"Eric Holder has been before Congress so many times...after a while when you feel like throwing the TV through the window because you get tired of hearing the (constant) lies you know they are doing," Josephine added, echoing her husband's words.

The Terrys slammed certain lawmakers who argue that the Fast and Furious investigation motivated by only politics during an election year. "Why don't they ask the people in Mexico who were murdered with them same guns that killed my son?" Kent asked.

However, Brian Terry's mother flipped the script on people like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) who say it's just partisan squabble. She argued that Democrats are actually the ones playing politics by trying to downplay the significance of Fast and Furious and putting it on the "back burner until the election is over."

"I do too," her husband agreed.

Hannity, too, reiterated there should be nothing political about justice for a fallen hero like Agent Terry.

"God forbid, if this is any parent, they have a right to know: how did our government provide the weapons to known criminals and killers that end up killing heroes like your son? This is not politics, this is basic human decency in my mind," he added.

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