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DUNCE: Senate candidate responds to health care ruling before actual ruling


Richard Mourdock, Indiana Republican candidate for Senate, recorded four videos responding to the Supreme Court's yet-to-be-announced ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Each video had a different response and was to be released depending on which way the ruling went.

His campaign accidentally posted all four to YouTube already.

All four were available to watch for a brief time before being removed from the site, though as with all things online, they've since been preserved elsewhere.


"Richard Mourdock's bush league mistake is embarrassing because it reveals the truth: He's all about politics, not solving serious issues for Hoosier families," Indiana Democratic Party spokesman Ben Ray said in response to the blunder. "This pretaped 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style response shows just how cynical Richard Mourdock is being in his struggle to get Hoosier voters to accept his Tea Party politics."

Watch the videos here.

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