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Limbaugh: 'Hilarious & Enterprising Blaze Report' Shows Democrats to be a 'Rent-a-Mob


"They've heard of Obama's stash."

When you've managed to make Rush Limbaugh laugh, you can safely say you've done a story that's gaining popularity. The Blaze has managed to do that, and then some. In a three-minute segment posted at the Daily Rushbo, Limbaugh can be heard laughing while he gleefully, derisively quotes from protesters who were marching against Karl Rove.  The Blaze caught on camera the protesters admitting to their own ignorance as to who Karl Rove was.

"I don't like the guy. I never heard of him. I never heard of Karl Rove, but he wants to be President, and we want Obama to be President," Rush chuckled, paraphrasing one particular soundbyte. "We want Obama to get back in President, 'cause he's doing everything well. Everything, everything's going to go great, so we wouldn't want nothing to jeopardize that!"

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