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Megyn Kelly Forced to Correct Dem. Guest on Arizona Immigration Law...Multiple Times

Megyn Kelly Forced to Correct Dem. Guest on Arizona Immigration Law...Multiple Times

"There is no 'different reading.'  It didn't happen."

Fox Host Megyn Kelly delivered a no-nonsense correction to one of her guests Wednesday after, among other things, he tried to argue a factually inaccurate point.

She opened the segment with a clip of Rush Limbaugh explaining that the government is cutting support for Arizona's efforts to help enforce federal immigration law. Rush said:

"It's abundantly clear now [that] Obama's given up winning Arizona.  He doesn't care.  Written it off.  Now going Soviet on it, to make an example to every other state.  By the way, and do not discount that.  This is a message to every other state on the border, the same can happen to you if you try this stunt.  It's good old-fashioned, political Soviet-style intimidation.

"Barack Obama has kicked Arizona out of whatever is left of the federal government's border enforcement, and in the process, what has Obama, in real world consequences, just done here?  Obama has sent a special delivery Fed-Ex or UPS to smugglers and traffickers and criminals of all kind that Arizona is wide open."

Kelly began by asking Christopher Hahn, a former aide to New York Senator Chuck Schumer (pictured on the left): "Did the Obama administration need to do this?  They won three out of four of their arguments in Arizona, did they then need to pull the ability of the local law enforcement in Arizona to enforce the federal law?  The federal law that's in place on the books?"

"Rush has got this all wrong," Hahn responded, as the other panelist, Chris Plante, grinned in disagreement.

Kelly interrupted as Hahn argued that the federal government will still send assistance if there are criminals involved.

"Not if they're not convicted felons," she interjected.  "Not if they're not convicted felons...Let's just make this clear.  There are three categories of 'arrestees' that the feds will send ICE down to go arrest...Felons, people who have already been deported, or people who recently crossed the border illegally.  Everyone else they're ignoring."

From there, Hahn continued to insult Limbaugh rather than discuss the immigration law.  "He's kind of like a virus that gives you cold sore on picture day.  He's going to pop up at times when it's really not good for Republicans..."

"How is this about Rush, and not about President Obama and whether this was the right move?" she asked.

Kelly's conservative guest Chris Plante noted, "Yes, well when called upon to defend the indefensible, don't.  Change the subject and attack, and that's what we just witnessed right there..."

From there, the panel discussed the federal government limiting Arizona's access to a federal immigration database, which Hahn said the government had done because "the Obama administration does not trust the state of Arizona to do this responsibly, given the rhetoric of their elected officials."

"What is the rhetoric?" Kelly pressed.  "Two days ago, it was fine to cooperate with Arizona, and now it's not...Even the Obama administration didn't challenge this law as a violation of civil rights, so what is it that's suddenly so bad about the Arizona sheriffs?"

As Hahn endeavored to argue that the government actually did try to challenge the law as a violation of civil rights, Kelly responded: "No they did not.  No, sir.  No, sir.  NoNo."

When Hahn said he just had a "different reading" of the law, she said: "There is no 'different reading.'  It didn't happen...The Obama administration declined to challenge the law on that basis."

As Kelly gave the other guest the last word, Hahn interjected to say: "The borders have never been more secure than they've been under this president.  The borders have never been more secure, Chris!  How do you explain that?"

Kelly eventually ended the segment on a light note by joking with Hahn. Watch the clip, via Mediaite, below (relevant argument begins roughly 50 seconds in, but the heart of the argument takes place around 5:30):

(H/T: Mediaite)

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