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The Blaze Magazine, July/August 2012: Contents


The Blaze Magazine--July/August 2012: Contents


*We can preach private charity and real love all we want, but until it's put into practice, the world won't believe we believe it.


*David Barton, founder and president of WallBuilders, sits down "In the Hot Seat" for an exclusive interview with The Blaze Magazine. Get to know the man Glenn Beck calls "the Library of Contress in Shoes."

*How much is Al Qaeda offering for the heads of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

*Which liberal Democratic congressman is accusing Republicans of "literally" getting away with murder?

*A real look at the debt threat -- it's worse than you think.

*And is your state among the most charitable? Find out.


America in Action: This Is Who We Are

Many on the Right have been pushing to get the government out of the charity business—but until we step up, the government won’t step back. These powerful stories and ideas should inspire a nation to put our beliefs into practice:

  • Where Every Kid Is a Perfect Fit

    The House, Inc., is changing the lives of students through service, outreach, mentoring and training—and creating just the leaders we need for tomorrow.

  • Small-Town Values, Big-Time Impact

    One inspiring community in rural Washington state showed how the church and the government can work together—and they’re setting a standard for the rest of America on how people can care for each other.

  • Launched to Change Lives

    Glenn Beck’s new charitable operation, Mercury One, is already making an impact and inspiring the next generation of volunteers.

  • 9/12ers: All About Being a Community

    Across the nation, 9/12 Project members are choosing to step up and help rather than waiting for the government to do it.

  • Virtual Love & Hate

    The Internet has become a powerful force for freedom, capitalism and liberty. It’s also become a cesspool of hate in too many areas. There’s only one answer for the viciousness that’s out there.

  • Still the Most Giving, Most Exceptional

    Despite a sputtering economy and tough circumstances, Americans are still finding ways to take care of others with their money, labor and time.

  • A Radical’s Defiant Right Turn

    Meet Brandon Darby, a former leftist who not only learned that liberalism and government don’t truly help those in need and conservatism and individuals can—but also is doing something about it.

  • A Cup of Cold Water

    Conservative and religious non-profit groups have found better ways to combat poverty than the enslaving system of the government.

  • Healing the Unborn

    Many courageous families are looking to breakthrough fetal surgeries for their children with spina bifida.


  • Keeping an Eye on 'Those Guys': E.J. Dionne Jr., Elizabeth Wurtzel, Henry Waxman and more


  • EPA Fracking Report Riddled With Errors
  • Tombstone Residents Forced to Fix Water Lines by Hand
  • Government to Pastors: Keep Silent During the Election
  • Britain's "Snooper's Charter"
  • Don't Write About Your Diet
  • Let Someone Else Go Green
  • Al Qaeda Affiliate Offers Livestock for Heads of Obama and Hillary
  • Obama Circumvents Congress; Orders De Facto DREAM Amnesty
  • Defense Secretary: Cyber "Pearl Harbor" Already Possible


  • Which Celebrity Charities Can Be Trusted?
  • Cheney, Hitler, Stalin--What's the Difference?
  • Spike Lee: Obama Win Not a Sure Thing
  • Hill of Tax Trouble
  • Director of Palin-Bashing Film Stands by His Palin-Bashing Film
  • How Bill Sees Himself (and Hillary) on the Silver Screen
  • Obama: Warrior in Chief?
  • Obama's Super-Secret Meeting With Young Hollywood Stars
  • Ted Turner: 5 Billion Too Many People
  • Cher Sees White (Straight) People


  • Debt Threat: The Coming Explosion
  • Debt Threat: EU vs. U.S.
  • Debt Threat: Net Interest vs. Departments or Agriculture, Labor, Education and Homeland Security


  • David Barton: Saving History

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  • Top 10 Most Charitable States

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