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The Koran Is Our Constitution': Egyptian President Promises to Ignore Egyptian Constitution For The Sake of Sharia In Chilling Speech


"Death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration."

Ever since the supposed Arab Spring placed the Muslim Brotherhood as the majority party in Egypt, we at the Blaze have seen more than our fair share of disturbing videos from various spokespeople and operatives of the Brotherhood. Even so, when the man who is now President of Egypt says things that would sound more fitting coming from the mouth of an Islamofascist, all bets are off.

The video will disturb you, and we present it (and the screencaps of it) with minimal commentary simply because anything we said would likely dilute the extremity of what is said:


If you find yourself too disturbed to watch the whole thing, but still want to read the highlights, we provide you with the screencaps below:

And before we proceed with the last few screenshots, we want to propose a thought experiment - can you imagine any Christian politician in the United States saying anything like this:

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