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Tragic Witch Hunt': Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Says Holder Contempt Charges Are Racist

Tragic Witch Hunt': Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Says Holder Contempt Charges Are Racist

"Is it that reason that all of a sudden he becomes the eye of the storm? "

The Left has not been shy about accusing Republicans and conservatives of engaging in "conspiracy theories" regarding Operation "Fast and Furious" when they assert the federal government may have been aware of the controversial gun-walking tactics used in the program. But now, Democrats are promoting their own conspiracy theory.

Responding to Thursday's House contempt vote, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) appeared on Current TV's "Viewpoint" on Thursday and said that Attorney General Eric Holder may be under attack because he is black and has been a "vigorous supporter and proponent of justice and equality for all." She was reacting to similar comments made by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (R-Mo.) previously. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also recently said Republicans are going after Holder because he is fighting voter suppression.

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"There's something funny about why (Rep. Darrell Issa) refused to sit down with the general of the United States on an extended basis, as others have done, as this is the first African-American attorney general in the United states of America."

"Is it because of the uniqueness of the way that this general has fought so hard to overcome voter oppression and suppression?" she continued. "Is it that reason that all of a sudden he becomes the eye of the storm? Not his actions, but just the fact that he has been a vigorous supporter and proponent of justice and equality for all. It smells... Something smells and today it wasn't a very pretty smell."

In a bipartisan vote, the attorney general was found in both criminal and civil contempt of Congress by the House on Thursday.

Though Republicans say the opposite, Lee said the contempt vote will not bring investigators any closer to justice in the death of U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry, killed by one of the guns walked guns in Fast and Furious. It should be noted, Terry's parents have publicly stated they are in support of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee's investigation and that they believe the federal government are "hiding" something.

Lee also recounted Democrats' decision to stage a walkout during the contempt vote on Thursday, saying they did it because they just had too much respect for the Congress of the United States.

"I want the history books to report that there was a group of members that held this congress in such high esteem that we could not in good conscience participate in what is a tragic witch hunt that happened today," she said.

Host John Fugelsang (Who?) said thousands of Americans are "equally appalled" that Republicans would "exploit" Terry's death to prove a conspiracy theory that has yet to be proven.

Lee ironically, and possibly unintentionally, said that Democrats in Congress are upset about the drug cartel violence that is spilling over into the U.S. from Mexico that "we see even in Houston." The Obama administration still stands by its claim that the borders are more secure than they have ever been.

Watch Lee further the new Democratic conspiracy theory courtesy of Current TV, below:

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