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Rednecks Resort,' 'Redneck Games,' & 'Redneck Olympics': These Exist, and We Have the Video


From belly-flopping in the mud to hurling hub caps, they have it all.

It's summer. And in honor of summer's premiere holiday, 4th of July, yesterday we brought you the 76 quintessential staples of Americana. But one we may have missed is the American "Redneck." Luckily, CNN is there to remind us.

This week, CNN noticed a variety of Redneck news reports hitting the airwaves. But they weren't just any Redneck videos -- they were videos of Rednecks having, as they say, "a good ol' time." After we saw them, we just had to include them below.

First up is a news report about a new "Redneck resort" that opened in Tennessee. In short, it's a backyard, mud-filled theme park. And it's quite the site to behold. Take a look (and bonus points if you can figure out what the man at about the 10-second mark is saying):

You can see a slideshow of the resort on the event's website.

Then, of course, there are the Redneck Games in Georgia where a favorite is the mud pit swimmin' hole (which is also used for the belly flop events) and the hubcap hurl:

By the way, the Redneck Games has its own website:

And what summer would be complete without the "Redneck Olympics" in Maine? Our thoughts exactly:

The "Redneck Olympics," however, hasn't been without controversy. Last year organizers were allegedly told by the U.S. Olympic Committee to drop the word "Olympics" from the title or face legal repercussions. It looks like the threat, however, fell on deaf ears.

By the way, just in case you didn't make it through the videos, you can see the mosaic of photos at the top of the story.

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