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Liberal D.C. Suburb Kids Reenact Romney 'Haircutting Incident'...During Fourth of July Parade


"the most anti-Mitt Romney display of any Fourth of July parade in the country."

Image source: Washington Post

Local Fourth of July parades tend to be a time for stars and stripes fanfare and marching to "Yankee Doodle Dandy." One such neighborhood event in a suburb of Washington, D.C. this week seems to have featured those patriotic staples, along with a more modern political twist: A reenactment of the infamous Mitt Romney "haircutting incident."

Takoma Park Romney hair

The Washington Post flagged this routine from the "ultra-liberal" residents of Takoma Park, Md., where two teenagers -- one wearing a bleach-blonde wig and another holding a giant pair of cardboard scissors -- put on "probably put on the most anti-Mitt Romney display of any Fourth of July parade in the country":

The two teens executed their mock chase for much of the parade route, which was a couple miles at least. They were part of a larger group of neighbors identifying themselves as the Sherman Avenue Tea Party Patriots, named for a street in Takoma Park. The display of more than a dozen marchers also included people carrying signs spelling “ROMNEY” that morphed into “R MONEY,” as well as a guy dressed as Newt Gingrich. There was also a car that had a stuffed dog leaning out the window and a person in a cage on the roof — a reference to a story about Romney putting the family hound in a rooftop luggage carrier.

Takoma Park Rmoney

As the Post noted, such political displays tend to be common among Takoma Park residents -- same-sex marriage activists, DREAM Act supporters and 9/11 Truthers were also out in "full force" -- any such spoofs of President Barack Obama were nowhere to be seen.

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