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Hilarious 'Apocalypse' Weather Forecast Goes Viral on YouTube


"We're going to have a volcanic eruption right near Charlottesville, and it's going to make things rather toasty across the area..."

Titled "Hot Weather in Richmond This Weekend," the video begins like any other weather report.

"We have beautiful weather for this week...partly cloudy, mild, with those temperatures dropping down into the mid-70's," reporter Aaron Justus begins, before nonchalantly adding: "We've got some big changes here for the upcoming work week.  Starting tomorrow, we're going to have a volcanic eruption right near Charlottesville, and it's going to make things rather toasty across the area."

Justus continues, remarkably without laughing: "We're going to have tidal waves moving in ahead of this: a global super storm developing off towards the Atlantic ocean...But the key to the forecast, right before this thing makes landfall, it's going to be deflected by Godzilla."

"Now, a lot can change between now and then," the reporter cautions, before assuring: "We're looking at the latest data, we'll continue to bring you the very latest."

Uploaded by "FakeNBC12" the clip has nearly one million views in roughly one week.

One commenter wrote that the "matter-of-fact attitude" is "awesome" while another said: "I love you insane weather guy!"

Watch the hilarious "forecast," below:

The Richmond Times-Dispatch says the eccentric footage was a "farewell forecast" by local meteorologist Aaron Justus, created nearly a year ago but unnoticed until relatively recently:

"I always liked to joke around with my co-workers and make ridiculous graphics," said Justus, who now lives and works as a brewer in San Diego. "On slow weather and news days, I would show them during commercial breaks. So I decided to put some of my favorites together as one last farewell forecast."


"It took me less time that I thought it would," he said. "It was just the third or fourth take before I could get through it without laughing."

Justus said his sister uploaded the clip to YouTube nearly a year ago, but it disappeared soon after.  That is, until it was uploaded by "FakeNBC12," when it exploded.

Featured by national and international outlets like Gawker, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Mail, Justus only wonders where the YouTube account obtained a copy of the video.

"That video file, along with several others, was on my iPod, which died last year. The only copy left was on my sister's hard drive," he said.

He humorously conceded: "Fake journalists never reveal their sources."

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