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I'm Here to F**k You Up!': Fists Fly as Adults Brawl in Epic Showdown at GA Little League Game


"Somebody needs to call the police!"

Little League can get a little intense. But a game held on Friday night upped the ante, taking a bizarre turn when two adult men erupted into a brawl. The scuffle -- a terrible example for the children who observed it -- landed Charles Davidson, 38, and Iram King, 36, each with a count of disorderly conduct.

The epic showdown, which was captured on video, allegedly commenced in the aftermath of the game during which Northern Little League defeated Harris County. While the children were wrapping things up, the adults were apparently just getting started on what officials are calling an embarrassing display for the city of Columbus.

Here's how the Ledger-Enquirer describes the incident:

In a report on the dispute, police said Davidson was was playing loud music near the right field fence after Northern won the game. That's when a woman identified as Rose King and Iram King came over and she demanded that Davidson turn down the music. Chadwick said some teams bring their music to play between innings, before the game or after the game.

"It gives it a little better atmosphere," he said. "From my understanding that is what caused it all."

Police said Davidson turned down the music, but words were exchanged about the players. Iram King started to walk toward Davidson when he said, "What do you want," or "Why are you walking over here."

A witness said Iram King told Davidson,"I'm here to f... you up."

Davidson's reply was, "Well, here I am," before police said the men tussled.

As the men pushed, shoved and punched, the rest of the audience -- including the children -- looked on. In chaotic footage of the incident, a woman can be heard screaming, "What are you doing?," as the fight rages on. Here are some of the other lines from the unbelievable clip:

"Hey, be grown-ups here!"

"We've got class!"

"There's kids out here watching this stuff!"

"Somebody needs to call the police!"

Reaction to the spectacle has ranged from disbelief to nauseation.

"It's about the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in Little League in all the years I've been doing it," said Bernard Ashley, an administrator for a local league who has seen his fair share of games over his more than three decades working in the field.

The suspects will likely be barred from future Little League games.

Watch the insane video of the scuffle, below:

(H/T: Ledger-Enquirer)

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