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Beck Hosts Panel of Doctors Who Might Quit Medical Profession Over Obamacare


Government bureaucrats will "destroy" the doctor patient relationship.

On Tuesday evening, Glenn Beck brought up a recent poll revealing that 83 percent of doctors have considered quitting the medical profession over Obamacare. To delve into the matter on a deeper level, Beck hosted a panel of doctors to get their take on the Affordable Care Act and find out what it means for their profession.

The doctors tackled issues that will likely arise as a result of Obamacare's implementation, such as rationing, decision by committee, and burdensome inefficacy. One panelists vowed to quit the medical profession in 2014 after what will be nearly three decades caring for people. He said the reason is because he will no longer be able to "look patients in the eye" and tell them that he's able to give them the best quality care available. "I can't lie to patients," he said.

Beck's own doctor even weighed in, saying that government bureaucrats will "destroy" the doctor patient relationship.

Watch the thought-provoking segment below and be sure to share it with others, especially doctors:

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