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Just Shut Up You Blowhard!': Bob Beckel Slams Allen West Over His Stance on Gov't Entitlements


"You shoot your mouth off -- that hurts a lot of people."

Naturally, Fox News' Bob Beckel, a self-described liberal, generally doesn't agree with his more conservative compatriots on "The Five." On Tuesday evening, this fact was demonstrated during the panel's debate over government assistance and whether the American people have become too dependent upon it.

Beckel, of course, didn't side with his co-hosts and when they played a clip of Republican Rep. Allen West (Florida) addressing these very issues, he made his disagreement more than known.

In the clip, West called Social Security "modern 21st-century slavery," a contention that led Beckel to call him a "blowhard" and to tell the famed conservative congressman to "shut up."

"Just shut up you blowhard," he said. "That is one of the most obscene comments -- even for you, that’s an obscene comment, West."

"Why do you say something like that? These people went on disability because they were hurt. What about you? You shoot your mouth off -- that hurts a lot of people," Beckel continued.

Of course, the angst didn't end there. Beckel went on to challenge his co-hosts on their past comments, too. Watch it all unfold, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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