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Genuinely Perverted': Limbaugh Slams Obama's Justifications for Attacking Romney

Rush Limbaugh poses with a bust of himself yesterday

Rush Limbaugh has made no secret of the fact that, from day one, he has hoped for the political projects advanced by President Obama to fail. After all, Limbaugh argues, they are projects designed to bring America to heel rather than make the country great.

No hobby horse has been more beloved by Limbaugh in savaging President Obama's policies than the President's views on business and the economy, which he has attacked as the infantile delusions of a former community organizer who only sees his role as advocating for the most deliberately weak demographics in America, rather than trying to help everyone back on their feet. In fact, Limbaugh has argued repeatedly, based on the President's attitude toward the rich and free enterprise, that President Obama sees economic success as an impediment to moral greatness, and the rich as parasites who steal from the poor.

His case has never been easier to make than now, after President Obama's recent attacks on Mitt Romney. In the clip below, courtesy of the Daily Rushbo, Limbaugh plays (and responds to) a clip of President Obama responding to a question on the Charlie Rose show about those same attacks. Obama's explanation devolves pretty much to arguing that the reason why Romney's business success is fair game for attacks, rather than celebration, is because Romney didn't get into business to create jobs, but instead to turn a profit. In other words, that Romney wasn't a perfectly altruistic little snowflake.

Listen to Limbaugh savage this - as he puts it - "genuinely perverted" view about economic success here:

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