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Clinton jokes: 'One Jewish guy' per photo 'not enough


The lengthy (but all-too-real) cover story in the New York Times today describes the chummy relationships politicos on both sides of the aisle have in Washington. Looking at former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe, former Gov. Haley Barbour and Bill Clinton, the article shows that Republicans and Democrats set aside their differences when it comes to making that money, babyyyyy.

But the best part is at the tail end:

A few minutes later, Barbour made his exit, and McAuliffe and Clinton stayed behind to pose for an impromptu group photo with assorted staff and stragglers. “Hey, get in here,” someone called out to a young African-American aide to McAuliffe. “We need some diversity in this photo.”

“Yeah, we only got one Jewish guy in this picture,” Clinton quipped. “That’s not enough.”

Brings new meaning to a camera's "white balance."

[New York Times]

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