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How Bad Is Detroit? This Shock Vid Shows One Woman Who Tried to Report a Crime Waiting 4 Hrs for Police


Had time to make two fast food runs and take a bubble bath.

Years of waste and mismanagement have left Detroit in shambles. The city is broke, perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy, and unavoidable budget cuts have left the city woefully understaffed.

But how bad has the situation become? It has gotten so bad, that some residents are waiting up to four hours for the police to respond to their calls.

Seriously, up to four hours (and they're the lucky ones).

My Fox Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff decided to experiment and see how the situation had become.

"Charlie recently answered a run of the mill home invasion call where he and a woman waited and waited and waited some more on the cops," the report explains.

While they waited, he had time for a McDonald's food run:

And time for a second food run:

Heck, he even had time for a bath and to dry his jeans:

See for yourself:

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