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Economic Freedom Improves Human Well-Being: Free Enterprise Group Addresses Hispanics & Welfare in Touching Video


"It is a privilege to live in the United States because this is a nation where you dictate your destiny."

Growing up the son of Mexican immigrants in a "shed" with no running water, Daniel Garza learned something important about the value of freedom in America. He learned that anyone can succeed in this country if they work hard and rely on themselves and their communities for their own success.

Despite the poverty, Garza says his father never accepted welfare and instead relied on hard work to improve his family's economic lot. Now as executive director of the nonprofit group The Libre Initiative, Garza is on a mission to show members of the Hispanic community that welfare is an "American nightmare" and that the true American dream can only be achieved through self-reliance.

As part of its campaign to better the Hispanic community, The Libre Initiative released on Monday a video underscoring its mission statement, namely, that everyone should be allowed the freedom to grow and to create prosperity for themselves, their communities, and the country.

In the video, Garza talks about his experiences growing up as a first generation American:

“I grew up picking crops with my family,” Garza recalls, “My parents were immigrants from Mexico with nothing but a 4th grade education.”

“We were so poor, my siblings and I would have to miss school to work in the fields. Our home was the size of a tool shed. We had no running water,” he adds.

Yet, despite their poverty, Garza’s family was determined to remain independent and dictate the own fate.

“My father never took welfare because he didn’t want to depend on anyone,” Garza said, “he’s a proud and noble man.”

And without depending on the "generosity" of government, Garza’s family was able to move up and improve their economic fortunes on their own.

“My family and I have succeeded by following the path to freedom,” he adds, “but that path is on the verge of vanishing. What we’re starting to see here in America now is the growth in the size and the scope of government that is now starting to look like the governments that we left behind.”

The video ends with these strong words:

We know advancing economic freedom is the best way to improve human well-being …

Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico? Hispanics leave countries that have been ruined by tyranny to come to America, the land of the free. They don’t just believe in the cause, they lived it.

It is a privilege to live in the United States because this is a nation where you dictate your destiny. No other nation has fulfilled more dreams and more aspirations than this country.

To have been born here -- I’m just grateful to God for that.

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