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Pat Robertson Blames Sikh Rampage on 'Angry' Atheists Who 'Hate God


"Is it Satanic -- some spiritual thing?"

The Christian Broadcast Network's Pat Robertson is known, among other things, for sparking controversy. On Monday, his statements about the Sikh temple shooting, like others he has made in the past, caught the attention of critics who found them offensive and off-base. Of particular note, was blame for the tragedy that he seemed to place on the backs of atheists and non-believers.

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"What is it? Is it Satanic -- some spiritual thing?," Robertson asked. "People who are atheists, they hate God, they hate the expression of God, and they are angry at the world, angry with themselves, angry with society and they take it out on innocent people who are worshipping God."

It was these, brief comments, that were highlighted on Right Wing Watch and The Huffington Post, among other blogs and outlets. Robertson went on to defend victims of any tragedy perpetuated by those who purportedly "hate the expression of God."

"And, whether it's a Sikh temple or a Baptist Church or a Catholic Church or a Muslim mosque, whatever it is, I just abhor violence," he added, urging people to "talk about the love of God and hope that it has some impact."

Watch the religious broadcaster's controversial comments, below:

Currently, authorities have released no information about Wade Michael Page's faith leanings, thus we are currently unsure as to whether belief or non-belief played any role at all in the shooting.

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