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Priorities USA Founder Defends 'Romney Killed My Wife' Ad


"What this ad does is tell the story of one guy and the impact that Mitt Romney had on him."

Priorities USA Founder Bill Burton appeared on Wolf Blitzer's show today to try to do what many observers believe is impossible: Defend the ad attacking Mitt Romney as indirectly responsible for a woman's death. Watch the clip below:

Transcript, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon, follows:

BLITZER: It’s inaccurate, it’s not responsible, it’s misleading–you’re still going to go ahead and play it.

BURTON: Well, Wolf, just like we just talked about: What this ad does is tell the story of one guy and the impact that Mitt Romney had on him.

BLITZER: It’s misleading to tell–

BURTON: Well, this is your opinion. But, but–

BLITZER: Most independent fact-checkers, and we’re independent–

BURTON: What fact in that ad is wrong?

BLITZER: The impression that you get that he killed her.

BURTON: So you’re saying that that’s an impression.

BLITZER: Anyone who watches that 60-second ad comes away and says, “Mitt Romney’s responsible, at least indirectly, for this lovely woman’s death.”

BURTON: I just don’t think that’s true. And we would never make that case. The point of the ad–

BOULDAN: Well then, the ad fails, because that’s the message you take away from it, Bill. Whatever message was intended in this commercial is not–nobody hears.

BURTON: It’s clearly lost on some folks, make no mistake about that. But the truth is, is that what this ad is about, is what Mitt Romney wants his campaign to be about.

Now, if you don't quite understand the point of the ad after reading that, the CNN panel involved appears to agree with you. What was this ad trying to say? That Mitt Romney doesn't care if people die? That Mitt Romney should have paid this woman's medical bills? That Mitt Romney is a silly name? What? Burton never specifies what he means by "what Mitt Romney wants his campaign to be about," but it seems fairly clear that Romney wants his campaign to be about jobs and the economy. So is Burton saying Romney wants people to lose their jobs? That's a rather interesting circle to square.

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