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Heart-Stopping Vid Shows Race Car Cartwheeling Down Mountain and Drivers Emerge Unscathed


"a little beaten up but nothing major"

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Drivers racing in the the Pikes Peak Hill Climb over the weekend, according to The Colorado Gazette, were lucky if they even reached the finish line -- no matter their finishing speed -- as a slew of crashes and other malfunctions took place.

One of these was of Jeremy Foley and co-driver Yuri Kouznetsov who cartwheeled down the hill after losing control on a tight curve. Foley and Kouznetsov were rescued and taken to the hospital. According to Autoblog, the two have been released with really no more than the expected bumps and bruises and a dislocated shoulder, which is surprising given the footage captured of the crash.

Watch as the exterior of the Mitsubishi Evolution 8 they were driving gets demolished as it bounds down the slope:


Motor Authority reports Foley writing on Facebook that he and Kouznetsov were "a little beaten up but nothing major."

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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