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Re: 'Put an Obama bumper sticker on your forehead!


Soledad O'Brien is the epitome of biased media -- she relies on liberal blogs to inform her interviews and she's an unabashed fan of President Obama and the liberal left.  When O'Brien once again began echoing Democrats' talking points attacking Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's Medicare plan this morning, things got heated with her guest, former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, and the Romney surrogate encouraged O'Brien to make her support official -- by slapping an Obama campaign bumper sticker to her forehead.

At the center of their contention was is the future of Medicare from two distinct positions -- that of Paul Ryan and that of Barack Obama -- and how each plan differs in funding the program.  So what's the truth here?

The CNN host maintains that President Obama did not cut $700 billion from Medicare in order to fund ObamaCare, as Republicans claim.  This is false -- while O'Brien insists the cuts don't exist, the Obama health plan did indeed cut $700 billion from Medicare -- not from individual beneficiaries, but from what the government pays out to providers.  This move on Obama's part ultimately translates to higher medical costs for everyone else, decreased quality of care those beneficiaries receive and fewer doctors who are willing to provide their services (1/3 are already opting out).

While O'Brien wants to split hairs over where the cuts land, she's wrong in insisting they do not exist.  And if anyone else insists that it's Paul Ryan who wants to "end Medicare as we know it," you can tell them that ObamaCare has already done that.


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