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Video: 1st generation Latino recounts his 'American Experience


The Libre Initiative is an organization committed to increasing economic freedom, particularly in the Hispanic and Latino community.  In this video from the Libre Initiative, executive director Daniel Garza and first generation American recounts the hardships, perseverance, family cohesion, hard work and prosperity his immigrant family achieved in the United States -- a free country that allows each of us to dictate our destiny.

That freedom, however, is in jeopardy.

“My parents’ American dream had become a reality. My family and I have succeeded by following the path to freedom but that path is on the verge of vanishing," Garza says.  "What we're starting to see here in America now is the growth in the size and scope of government that is now starting to look like the governments we left behind. I’m just torn apart when I see folks who are caught in this dependency that government offers. And not only that, they’ve condemned their children to a life of mediocrity and subsistence. This is not the American dream - this is an American nightmare."


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