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Kids' reaction to 'Timothy Green' shows it may not be the 'family movie of the summer


Over the weekend, parents taking their kids to the movies only had a few choices in the PG and G categories. One of them -- The Odd Life of Timothy Green -- by Disney is touted in its trailer as being the "family movie of the summer."

Not to refute that statement, as it literally is a movie about a family, a recent YouTube video of two boys after they had seen the flick may not be quite what filmmakers were going for.

(Check out this trailer for "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" first if you want some background.)

After seeing the movie, the hysterical reaction of the boys is filmed by their parents. The emotion appears to be rather genuine at first but eventually they seem to be playing to the fact that their parents find their reaction funny (Note: This video may spoil the ending of the film for you should you decide to watch it):

We've all had this traumatizing experience with a childhood movie at one point or another. Let the therapy begin. If you care to share, let us know the movie that did you in. I'll start: "Fox and the Hound".

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

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