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Al Roker Has Been Acting a Little Odd on 'Today' -- Have You Seen the Latest Clips of Him?


Ever since NBC's "Today" has undergone a plethora of drama and been unseated as top morning show by "Good Morning America," things have been a little off over at studio 1A in Rockefeller Center. A prime example: Al Roker's strange behavior last week.

Last Thursday, a clip surfaced of Roker seemingly calling out fellow host Matt Lauer for Lauer's apparent behind-the-scenes griping about now-booted co-host Ann Curry. During an interview with a gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic rowing team, Lauer made a comment about being thrown into the Hudson River. That's when Roker made what seems like a backhanded remark, saying that usually around "Today" people throw each other under the bus:

But he wasn't done there. That same day, Roker had an odd moment that featured him staring blankly into the camera for several seconds as his co-hosts continued talking. That clip has just started making the rounds:

According to the timestamps on the videos, the second clip actually happened first at about 8 am ET, with the other following at about 8:33 am ET.

For what it's worth, NBC is denying any bad blood between Roker and Lauer. In fact, the network even counted the times being "thrown under the bus" has been mentioned in the last two years and come up with a number: 27.

As for the blank stare, some have dubbed him "RoboRoker," while others have speculated the strange behavior is all part of a ratings stunt to drum up interest and sneak ahead of "Good Morning America" once again.

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