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Beck Praises GOP, Romney for Adopting Nearly All of FreedomWorks 12 Platforms


The earth is shifting under the GOP's feet.

The Republican Party has come under fire in recent years for what many believe is the GOP's break from truly conservative principles. In turn, presidential contender Mitt Romney has also drawn ire from a contingent of conservatives for what they consider his moderate, and at times, inconsistent stance on various policies and platforms. But all of that may be changing. Thus far, the GOP has adopted "11.5" of FreedomWorks' 12 conservative platforms, revealing to Glenn Beck that the small-government, pro-liberty movement is indeed powerful and can effect change.

On Tuesday FreedomWorks announced that the Republican Platform Committee has adopted "11.5 of the 12 proposals outlined in the 'Freedom Platform,'" the grassroots organization released earlier this month.

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