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Occupy's 'War Zone' for GOP Convention Targets Delegate Hotels & Private Addresses Of City Officials


"The most digitally advanced protest initiative to date"

Be prepared for a different type of high-tech, highly organized protester at the Republican National Convention this year.

In what appears to be the most digitally advanced protest initiative to date, occupiers have put together an interactive app to help rabble rousers find the hotels where RNC delegates are staying, the private residences of local politicians and businesses that they deem 'Institutions of Slavery.'

According to Blaze research on the main Occupy RNC site, Tampa is being considered an all out war-zone by the protesters.  Resistrnc.org is a well organized interactive site that will act as the main hub of information dissemination for those who want to disrupt the happenings of the RNC convention.  The site is equipped with an interactive map that reveils some startling details about what might be targeted by the protesters during the convention next week.

The map key reads like a war zone configuration with color designations, zones and descriptions:

Noted on the map as "Institutions of Slavery" are four national bank chains:

The locations of all CCTV police cameras are designated and the map is equipped to live update police movements:

"Industries of Injustice" are targeted as well.  These include the various offices of defense contractors, the Tampa police and even the local Fox affiliate.  The map point for Fox has a particularly blunt  description of why the location is targeted, as can be seen below:

Perhaps most alarmingly, the hotels housing RNC delegates are clearly marked, as are the private residences of city officials, including the Mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn.


There is also a "Green Zone" on the map that encompasses the greater convention area.  This zone is designated with the warning: You Have No Rights Here:

Finally, the site includes a detailed convention protest schedule as well as the plans for a "Camp Romneyville."  Romneyville will apparently be an Occupy take on the Hooverville towns that popped up during the Great Depression.  The main difference being that Romneyville will be filled with pink tents occupied by 20-something liberal arts students with iphones and soy lattes and not starving, impoverished families with children who cannot find any work.

In all, the sheer organization and technical savvy of the Resist RNC site is alarming. RNC delegates and the Tampa police will have their work cut out for them.

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