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Youngest-Serving Rep. Aaron Schock: Romney Could 'Absolutely' Win the Youth Vote in November


"No competition."

Congressman Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) told TheBlaze Gov. Mitt Romney could "absolutely" win the youth vote in November, taking away a major voting block that President Barack Obama won handily four years ago.

Schock, who at age 31 is the youngest-serving member of Congress, said younger voters are less likely to be dazzled by Obama's personality this time around in an election that's more about substance than style.

"[In 2008] President Obama was viewed as a much more likeable person, he was a lot of things to many people," Schock said. "I think the fact that it's more about issues and less about personality gives our party a greater opportunity to win the youth vote this November."

With the economy a top concern, Schock said there's "no competition" in terms of which candidate younger Americans will gravitate toward.

"Young people who are focused on getting a job want Governor Romney," he said.


A Zogby poll released earlier this month showed Romney at 41 percent support among likely 18- to 29-year-old voters -- his highest level since he started running for president. Obama still held the lead at 49 percent, but at a sharp decrease from the 66 percent he won in 2008.

"I don't think you cede any demographic of the country," Schock said. "Whether [Romney] wins it or not is yet to be seen but clearly he's doing much better today than Republican candidates have done historically."

Schock said it also doesn't hurt Romney among younger voters to have as his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan, a devotee of the famed P90x fitness program.

"Hey, I think being in shape helps. I think a lot of young people care about their physical fitness," said Schock, a member of Ryan's congressional workout group. "Anything that makes you more relatable as a candidate is definitely a plus and so my hat's off for Paul.

He added, "You know, obviously Governor Romney is a little bit older than the president, but he's still in pretty good shape."

TheBlaze's Benny Johnson contributed to this report



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