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Want to Know What It Feels Like to Be Introduced at The RNC? Here's a First-Person Video

A sign limits access to the stage at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, during final preparations for the opening of the Republican National Convention on August 27, 2012. Due to tropical storm Isaac, the convention will come to order later today, Monday August 27th, and then immediately recess until the afternoon on Tuesday, August 28th.Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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In the coming days there will be much news coming from the high tech stage of the RNC Convention, but here you can see exactly how it would feel, minus the roaring crowds, to walk out to the podium in the middle of convention.  TheBlaze was granted a behind-the-stage vantage point while rehearsal was in full swing Monday evening, and the teleprompters were rolling.  Jeb Bush had just left the stage and the convention hall was filled with media.  But no one else got this shot on the heavily-guarded stage:

Notice the massive debt clocks ticking in the top right in the stadium and the humongous LED transformers that function behind the screen at the beginning of the shot.  All in all, it would be an exhilarating experience.


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