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Racism, racism everywhere!
Mia Love gave an impassioned speech at the RNC that rocketed her to the national spotlight. (Photo: CSPAN)

Racism, racism everywhere!

If you believe the media, America has never been as racially divided as it is today.

Thankfully, most of know better.

This is not to say, however, that racism is dead.  On the contrary, it's alive and well -- just not where the media says it is.  As it turns out, those throwing around accusations of racism need to take a good, hard look in a mirror.

Just look at some of the headlines swirling around after the first full day of RNC festivities:

MSNBC cuts every speech made by a minority from RNC coverage

ABC News: Romneys ‘Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown’

Is Romney a Race Baiter?

Race and the 2012 election

Mia Love gives star-making speech at RNC; left sees 'GOP token'

Speaking of Mia Love... the Utah congressional candidate's Wikipedia page went through some serious changes last night, apparently by liberals outraged that the black conservative abandoned the liberal plantation.  Thankfully, Wikipedia has deleted these entries which label Love as a "worthless whore" and a "house n***er":


But yeah, it's the Republicans in Tampa who are the intolerant racists...

Although they're likely used to the ridiciulous hypocrisy of the Left by now, they aren't taking such accusations sitting down.  Conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg says the "Republicans are racist!" charge is "just ridiculous":

I think both the cynical and the sincere race-obsessives fail to fully appreciate the damage they’re doing to their own cause. In 2008, the hope for many was that Obama would transcend race, moving the nation beyond the exhausting topic. Instead of a post-racial politics, our politics are saturated with ridiculous charges of racism. “No drama Obama” is instead a source of constant drama, often hyped in the most ludicrous ways.

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