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Did Toure Mock S.E. Cupp With Sexist-Sounding Remark During Debate on Minorities in the GOP?


It seems in today's hyper-polarized political landscape, that honestly and openly discussing racial issues leaves one open to be called, well, "a racist." In some instances, it may even evoke sexist sneers and jeers.

Such was the case on MSNBC's "The Cycle" Thursday, when network host Toure invoked the hackneyed "code-speak" he claims conservatives engage in when speaking about members of the black community. For instance, he claimed that "voter ID" is code for preventing "blacks and browns" from reaching the polls. When Blaze contributor S.E. Cupp questioned this line of thinking, and noted that she finds it difficult to keep up with all the "codes" for racism that are creeping into the political discourse, Toure concluded the segment by mocking her comment. He did so in a way that also seemed to paint Cupp as an airhead, thus undertones of sexism may well have been at play.

Watch the segment above through to the end to determine whether you think that Toure came across as belittling, even sexist, during his retort.

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