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How Has Obama Disrespected Fallen Soldiers? Beck Explains -- And It's Worse Than You Think


People may disagree with the policies and politics of President George W. Bush, but one thing that cannot be said about him is that he did not revere and cherish America's servicemen and women. During his Thursday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck paid respect to the country's fallen heroes and questioned how the current president is conducting himself when it comes to our troops.

How has President Obama paid his respect? Beck pointed out that the president has sent actual form letters, signed with an electronic pen -- the same exact letter and same electronic pen -- to the families of fallen soldiers. The only change on the letter was the name it was addressed to. Nothing was personally written by the president to these families, according to Beck.

Beck was appalled by this display of disrespect and juxtaposed the president's use of form letters and electronic signature with the fact that Obama used 22 pens to sign his Affordable Care Act into law. It took approximately one and half minutes to achieve that task.


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