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TaserDrone': Hackers Weaponize Quadcopter With Actual 'Shocking' Technology


It's not the first drone packing heat. Nor is it the first DIY weaponized drone (see the quadrotor drone equipped with a machine gun). But it could very well be the first drone hacked in such a way that it zaps the victims it touches.

Meet the "TaserDrone":

The weaponized drone, also known as "ShockDrone," was modified "to pack a punch" from a Parrot AR Drone by the group "Hack A Day." Here's how they did it:

To add the shocker attachment, we had to reduce weight as much as possible. To do this, all stickers and extra material was removed from the “indoor” hull of the AR Drone. We chose the indoor version because it has this night light frame that extends out past the blades to protect them. This was perfect for allowing it to bump into people.

We then made two tracks with aluminum tape around the entire hull. These were connected with wire directly to the capacitor in a disposable camera. Another weight reduction was to remove all extraneous pieces of the camera. Not only did this make it lighter, but it allowed the entire circuit to be hidden inside the hull. Only a little bit of carving was necessary to make enough space.

The Huffington Post describes the hack as demonstrating "how [drones] will be used in the future to hunt Man," like in "The Most Dangerous Game."

As for the victim in the video, Hack A Day writes "Jared" is an electrician himself and "seemed survive the ordeal."

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