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F**k Cardinal Dolan!': Liberals Send Explicit Tweets About Catholic Leader Following Pro-Life Prayer at the DNC


"F**k you Dolan."

Cardinal Timothy Dolan surprised people on both sides of the aisle last week when he announced that he would be offering the benediction at the Democratic National Convention -- an odd occurrence, considering the Catholic Church's ongoing debate with the Obama administration over the controversial contraceptive mandate.

Still, the faith leader extended the ultimate olive branch and, in an effort to appear unbiased, he delivered closing remarks at both political conventions. But -- following his remarks, some liberals launched into Twitter tirades, sending expletives Dolan's way. The reason? He prayed for the protection of the unborn during the DNC, an apparent cardinal sin in the eyes of some Democrats who decry pro-life sentiment.

As TheBlaze's Jason Howerton reported yesterday, Dolan encouraged everyone in attendance to protect the lives of the unborn. “Grant us the courage to defend life…waiting to be born, welcomed and protected,” he said. He also prayed for “life, without which no other rights are secured.”

Some of the other words that may have riled pro-choice liberals were as follows: “God grants us the right to life so we can choose liberty and happiness…We praise You for the gift of life, grant us the courage to defend it.”

Following his prayer, detractors went on an anti-Dolan extravaganza -- or, as LifeSiteNews puts it, they "tweeted F-bombs" to the Catholic leader. According to the news site, hundreds of angry liberals took to Twitter to deride Dolan. The outlet collected and posted this sampling of tweets (warning: graphic language):

Apparently, some people didn't appreciate the Catholic leader's pro-life messaging. You can read more about these controversial social media messages, here. And, be sure to watch Dolan's address, below:



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