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Larry King on Piers Morgan: 'Well, he's different


On Fox News' Fox & Friends this morning Larry King, formerly with CNN, was asked about his successor, Piers Morgan.

"The new guy they've got on there... ehh...," F&F co-host Steve Doocy said.

"Well I'm not going to criticize CNN," King responded.

Doocy asked King if he thought Morgan is "doing a good job."

"Well he's different," King said. "I'll tell you something, to be honest. Any person who's implanted for a long time anywhere-- you take any person who's been in a place-- You take any person. Whether it's [Fox News'] Bill O'Reilly, [NBC's] Tom brokaw doing the news. The person who steps in has the toughest job. You'd rather be the second person because there's comparison." King continued, "If people like someone-- If you like Larry King or if you like Bill O'Reilly or you like this person and then they go away, whoever goes in has two strikes."

King retired from CNN in late 2010. Morgan, along with the rest of the news channel, have struggled in viewership. In May, Morgan's show Piers Morgan Tonight saw the lowest ratings for CNN in more than two decades.


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