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Liberal Fox Contributor Says Michelle Malkin Is Angry & 'Probably Needs to Get Laid

Image source: Fox Business Network

Tamara Holder Michelle Malkin

Liberal Fox News legal analyst Tamara Holder said Thursday that fellow network contributor Michelle Malkin is "angry" and "probably needs to get laid."

"I don't know her personally but I am not a fan of her debating style, I think that she probably needs to get laid," Holder told host Don Imus on Fox Business Network. "She's very angry."

"She needs to get laid?" Imus asked.

"Yeah," Holder replied.

Imus then asked, "How's that working out for you, by the way?"

"Well not so well, but I'm not angry," Holder said. "I cope with it in other ways."

Holder and Malkin have faced off before on "Hannity," including a heated debate in July over New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's comments about gun control and in June about Operation Fast and Furious.

Malkin responded to Holder's remarks afterward on Twitter, saying, "Stay classy, @tamaraholder: Tells Imus on FBN that "I need to get laid." I'm happily married with two children. You?"

Watch below; Holder's comment comes just after the 1:00 mark:

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