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Seagull Steals GoPro Camera and Takes You on a Wild Ride!


"flying video from a seagull's mouth."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

We've seen some amazing, often stunning footage taken by GoPro cameras lately -- F-15 fighter jets flying, a motorcyclist being launched into the air in an accident, a deer-motorcycle collision and countless videos from athletes. But this GoPro clip takes a slightly different angle. It shows the footage of one who stole the GoPro cam, leaving it on during the get away.

The twist: the thief was a seagull.

Apparently the seagull did not find the still footage being taken of a sunset near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as interesting as what he himself could film while flying over the water along the shoreline. Watch the footage and see if you would agree:

The YouTube user who uploaded the video, , calls this "flying video from a seagull's mouth." Not only did the camera manage to survive the ordeal, but luckily Rollandin was able to retrieve it. The footage was posted earlier this month.

Gizmodo writes seagulls stealing GoPro's is now a "thing," as a separate incident of camera theft by a fellow bird occurred in France in 2011.

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