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Yep, SNL Did a Clint Eastwood Empty Chair Sketch


Perhaps no summer political story seemed destined for the "Saturday Night Live" treatment more than Clint Eastwood's empty chair skit at the Republican National Convention. And for the show's season premiere, SNL delivered, with a promo for "Eastwood and Chair."

"The comedy duo that rocked the Republican National Convention is taking their act on the road," it promises. "It's two full hours of high-waisted hijinks...just American legend Clint Eastwood performing one-half of a conversation with invisible, irritated and foul-mouthed Barack Obama."

And it's not just Obama who will be in the "hot seat": "Eastwood and Chair" promises to grill former President Jimmy Carter ("Nice work on those hostages -- that turned out great!"), New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg ("Just let people eat soda.") and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ("I think we're gonna need a bigger chair.").

Watch below, via NBC:

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