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Media can't decide spin on Romney campaign news

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign rally. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Clicking around the web today, you may have noticed a few different narratives taking shape about the Romney campaign...

Politico reports that the Romney campaign is itching to expand its candidate's appeal by extending its messaging to incorporate more issues and voter groups.  MSNBC eagerly discussed.

Buzzfeed reports, however, that the Romney campaign is sticking to its base.

The Atlantic says nothing has changed.

And then there's the Washington Post with their own report: It's the economy, stupid!

Whichever of these "news" stories you believe, one thing is certain: The media are focusing on telling a story rather than reporting on one.  National Review's Jim Geraghty nails the subject in a new column today with a similar comparison to the media "narrative" on Afghanistan:

Conservatives have griped, louder and louder, about media bias for decades now. Obviously, those complaints fall on deaf ears, or most folks in the mainstream media find them baseless, or unimportant. (Every once in a while, somebody acknowledges it, and says it’s a problem . . . and then nothing happens.)

But I would urge those within the MSM who think of themselves as among the best at informing the public to ask whether the obsession with “narratives” — think of prepackaged storylines, tropes, if you will, with noble heroes often within one political party and nefarious, retrograde, and sinister forces within the other — is doing a good job of keeping the public well-informed with the circumstances our troops face in Afghanistan.

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