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New Black Panthers Won’t Rule Out Showing up at Polling Stations in November to ‘Prevent Intimidation’ Against Their ‘People\


"Whatever we do, it will be legal and lawful under the Constitution of the United States.”

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The Justice Department has been under fire for years for failing to take action on reports of voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers during the 2008 election. Now, the organization's national chairman, Malik Zulu Shabazz, is saying they may once again hit the polls in November-- but to prevent voter intimidation against their "people."

While being interviewed on WABC's “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Shabazz remarked:

“I will say that as this election comes up in November, we will consider our options. And we will consider the fact whether we will legally and lawfully go to the polls again to make sure there is no intimidation against our people, which was our intent in 2008.”

He added: “We were not found that we intimidated anyone, and therefore we were not charged, and that’s why we are walking free today, happy as a bird, to the disdain of many.”

When the radio host asked whether the Panthers will have batons or clubs as was reported in 2008, Shabazz replied:

“No sir...And you’re not gonna bait me into that. I know what you're here to do, and that’s not true.  We will be there.  I mean, if we are there. If.  We are not saying we will be there or not. But whatever we will do, it will be legal and lawful under the Constitution of the United States.”

Here is audio of the interview, which also includes a discussion of the conventions, black unemployment, and voter ID laws:

Klein also took calls from listeners, the first of which boldly asked why any black person should vote for Barack Obama with the state of black unemployment during his administration.

"We just finished the Democratic Convention where not one word was uttered...about the exorbitant black unemployment under the Obama administration...," one female caller said. "He has never once addressed this issue, and in fact, keeps saying that things are moving in the right direction.  Tell me why any black person in this country should support him."

Shabazz responded that the Democratic Party does take black voters for granted, but added, "at this time, it is the lesser of two evils [that] keeps black people in the Democratic Party."

According to Shabazz, the "main" Republican platform is to see "how quickly they can get black people to hanging from a tree."

"Oh, come on," the host responded, adding that he is not a Republican but clearly does not believe Shabazz's assertions.

(H/T: Pat Dollard)



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