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How Did Jimmy Carter's Grandson Help Leak the Secret Romney Fundraiser Vids?


"I've been searching for clips on Republicans for a long time, almost every day...I just do it for fun."


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A leaked video of Mitt Romney telling a room full of wealthy donors that roughly 47% of Americans will vote for Barack Obama "no matter what" because they are "dependent upon government" has swept the airwaves since being published by David Corn on  the liberal site Mother Jones Monday.

The statement that has been most pounced upon is: “My job is not to worry about those people...I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

But how does James Carter IV, the grandson of the former president, factor into the equation?

New York Magazine's Daily Intel blog writes:

Credited as a "research assistant" on the story is James Carter IV, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, who has been toiling online as an opposition researcher and is "currently looking for work," according to his Twitter bio. "I've been searching for clips on Republicans for a long time, almost every day," said Carter this evening. "I just do it for fun." But by connecting Corn with the mysterious uploader of the clip, Carter has uncovered his biggest story yet, one that could potentially affect the outcome of the election. (And get him a job.)

Carter told Daily Intel that he first noticed a portion of the video in which Romney discusses using Chinese labor while working at Bain Capital...

Additional pieces of the tape were then added to a YouTube account called "Anne Onymous" starting three weeks ago. "There was a minor uproar about it on Twitter when I found [the first clip], so I kept doing research on it and that eventually led me to be able to narrow down who it originated from," said Carter. Via Twitter, he contacted the person who claimed to have secretly taped and uploaded the video, and then sought to help publicize the remarks. "That seemed to be the purpose of [the filming] — to get it to a larger audience," Carter said. [Emphasis added]

Though Mitt Romney stands by the gist of his remarks (but admits they were not stated elegantly), Carter says he knew he had stumbled upon a gold mine.

"Any time that you can find a clip that strengthens the narrative already established, that's what becomes a big deal," Carter explained.

He reportedly added: "I've been trying to get paid for this but it hasn't worked out yet. This might help."





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