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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Discusses Border Security on 'Wilkow!


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is appealing a ruling that prevents police from enforcing a section of the state's controversial 2010 immigration law. AP reports that Gov. Brewer's attorneys plan to ask the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a lower-court's Sept. 5 ruling that barred officers from enforcing a provision that made it illegal to harbor people suspected of being in the country illegally. Gov. Brewer argues Arizona law enforcement agencies should be able to continue to do their job to protect citizens with border security, an area where she says the federal government has failed.

On the other side to Gov. Brewer on this issue is her predecessor, now Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, who Gov. Brewer says understood these issues in Arizona but has changed since moving to Washington. Gov. Brewer swats down allegations that her policy has any connection to race.

"Those of us that have been born and raised in the southwest know what diversity is, we don't even give it a second thought," Gov. Brewer said Friday. "The bottom line--I'm not racist, Arizona is not racist, we are not bigots living in Arizona, but we do believe in the rule of law."

Watch Gov. Brewer's appearance on 'Wilkow!' below:

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