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Hot Item: Obama 'Birther Certificate' Trays Sell Out In NYC


"Please know that the Obama Birther Certificate is limited and destined to be a collectible."

Photo Credit: Urban Infidel

Despite the fact that most Americans (on the left and right of the political spectrum) believe President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, the whole "birther" topic seems to be alive and well -- AND generating profits.

Yesterday, eagle-eyed blogger Urban Infidel posted pictures of a trendy Manhattan store selling a Barack Hussein Obama"Birther Certificate" ceramic tray.

The tray was not just something seen in the store, it was featured prominently in a display window:

An entire window dedicated to the "Birther Certificate" tray? But if this display moves you to buy one for the birther or non-birther on your holiday gift list, be prepared to wait. These trays -- priced at $19.95 -- are on back order, with delivery expected in early December.

From the Fishs Eddy website:

We underestimated how much you like him...you REALLY like him! We're so sorry for the inconvenience, but if you would like other items along with the Obama Tray, please order the Obama Tray separately - so as to not hold up your other purchases. Or, if you don't mind waiting, your order will come complete when the Obama Tray arrives in December. Please know that the Obama Birther Certificate is limited and destined to be a collectible, so CONGRATULATIONS for getting in on the last run!

When contacted by TheBlaze, a perky salesperson at Fishs Eddy told us the tray was a hot item that just hit the store last week and sold out. The pre-orders are also reported to be coming in at a furious pace. We also asked if the Obama campaign was sharing in the sales revenue generated by the trays or if the store had licensed the certificate for use from the campaign, we were told "no" to both questions.

Perhaps the Obama campaign might look into this product. After all, you can already buy a birth certificate mug, sticker, or button featuring the president and his famous certificate of live birth.

H/T Urban Infidel -- to see more on the ceramic tray, visit the blog HERE.

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