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Scarborough Doubles Down on Incorrect Romney Chant Video: Mitt Looks 'Goofy...Without Our Help


"Your conspiracy is getting out of hand."

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough doubled down this morning on a video tape he aired on his show "Morning Joe" last week that turned out to be something other than what he said it was.

The tape in question shows Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan at a campaign event. The crowd is chanting what we've since learned to be "Romney! Romney" when Romney says "Romney-Ryan, Romney Ryan!" Subtitles on the Morning Joe version of the tape showed the crowed actually chanting "Ryan! Ryan!" The panelists mocked Romney, suggesting he was being overshadowed by Ryan.

Here's the clip from MSNBC:

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A closer listen to the tape shows the crowd is indeed chanting "Romney!" and several people who attended the event confirmed as much to TheBlaze.

"So this weekend, a website started the weekend suggesting that our staff had doctored a tape to invent a story that would make Mitt Romney look goofy," Scarborough said today. "Well, we didn't. And to to tell you the truth, Mitt kind of looks goofy when he's campaigning without our help."

Scarborough went on to explain the controversy, which he addressed on Twitter this weekend. "So this is how some people spent their weekend: Running two seconds of tape ... through audio filters to figure out if people are saying Romney or Ryan in 1.8 seconds."

Here are the tweets Scarborough fired off:

Note: TheBlaze didn't run any clips through audio filters and we've been unable to locate any clips that were. Furthermore, we never accused MSNBC or Scarborough of "doctoring" any clips. We've requested comment from MSNBC and will update if they respond.

UPDATE: The National Review Online does have a video clip of the Romney rally in which the audio has been tinkered with to boost the crowd chant and minimize background noise.

Scarborough then played the clip his show aired last week, this time without the subtitles.

"I heard Ryan there," Scarborough said. "It's all awkward. And by the way, when [Romney] says, 'he's quite a guy, isn't it?' It just looked goofy. That's what I was laughing at."

Scarborough then played C-SPAN's own video from the same event. Here it is:

"You'll notice in both clips, Mitt looks just as goofy which caused me to react in mock horror," Scarborough said after the clip.

He continued:

"People there heard Romney. Other people heard Ryan. Our staff heard Ryan in the clip that we get fed from NBC, unfiltered. We ran it. Politico heard 'Ryan' as well and they reported it that way around 5:30, after the event, which was what our staff followed. Later the New York Times wrote that the crowd was chanting 'Romney,' then they followed with a correction that it's kind of hard to figure out what it was. Anyway, this began the great debate among the Cheetos brigade as to whether I, a man who has declared that he's voting for Mitt Romney, is trying to throw the election by doctoring a tape and cracking a joke. Really guys? Your conspiracy is getting out of hand. ..."

Scarborough then cited a blog post on the conservative blog Hot Air that defended him.

He finished with a final jab at his detractors: "Guys if you want to help Mitt Romney get elected, put down the Cheetos, get out of your mom's basement and call your friends. Tell them why Mitt Romney should be president. Because these conspiracy theories aren't helping Mitt, Paul or the Republican party. And at the end of the day, it just looks silly."

Here's the full segment from today's "Morning Joe":

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