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Nancy Pelosi and Zombies: The Most Awesome (And Insane) Republican Campaign Ad of the Season?


"She's not a sacrificial lamb, and neither am I!"

What do zombies, ambiguously Satanic sacrifices and Nancy Pelosi all have in common? They all make an appearance in the most recent ad by Pelosi's challenger in this year's election - John Dennis, a libertarian activist and entrepreneur from California with a penchant for bizarre ad concepts.

And lest you think any of those elements are symbolic, they most certainly are not. Dennis depicts Pelosi herself leading a ritual sacrifice of a lamb, with zombies in attendance, all while fanning herself with a copy of the Constitution. The ad is the brainchild of Herman Cain's erstwhile ad guru Chris Brugard, responsible for such offbeat viral hits as the "Smoking ad." Let it never be said that ad man was a one-hit wonder relative to his weirdness.

If you're wondering what the "sacrifice" concept has to do with politics, Dennis is poking fun at the idea (prevalent among pundits) that he's a Republican "sacrificial lamb" sent up against Pelosi for the sole purpose of losing to her, IE as a placeholder.

"She's not a sacrificial lamb," Dennis says of the real-live lamb in the video, "and neither am I!"

You can watch the ad in all its demented glory below:

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