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Happy 30th Birthday CD: Blaze editors remember their first purchases of the then high-tech discs


When CD's were first introduced in the 1980s, people were stunned by the quality of the music production. Gone were the days of cracking vinyls and knots of cassette tapes.

This week, the then high-tech music-playing disc with a shiny back and a donut-hole center turned 30 years old. TechHive points out when Sony first introduced its compact disc player in 1982, it retailed for $674 ($1,609 in 2012 dollars). CDs themselves could cost up to $15 ($26 in 2012).

Eventually, the CD became widely accepted and adopted as the best form of music playing medium until MP3 players' pushed it out.

This has not stopped some of us from looking back fondly on the CD's milestone birthday and recalling our very first one. Here are some of TheBlaze editor's first CD's:

  • Liz Klimas (mine): Will Smith's "Big Willie Style"
  • Billy Hallowell: No Doubt's "Magic Kingdom"
  • Eddie Scary: Michael Jackson's "Bad"
  • Becket Adams: ACDC's "Back in Black"
  • Benny Johnson: Christian singer John Reuben; DC Talk
  • Erica Ritz: Spice Girls
  • Buck Sexton: Sublime
  • Tiffany Gabbay: Robert Plant's "Now and Zen"
  • Meredith Jessup: Michael Jackson

Feel free to honor the CD's birthday by sharing album name of your first purchase in the comment section.

Check out TechHive's full post for more on the CD's history here.

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